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In the PressAwards & Accolades

“There’s a reason Matt Levine has become one of New York City’s most acclaimed restauranteurs at just 32. As the owner of food and beverage company indieFORK, which owns and operates Chalk Point Kitchen and The Handy Liquor Bar, he’s known for his ability to attract A-listers with strong branding and innovative marketing and promotional strategies.”  

“Matt Levine knows how to make a splash in the industry. Levine’s restaurants are high-profile and highly creative in both concept and execution.” 

“Downtown hospitality entrepreneur, Matthew Levine, has, in a very short time, solidified himself as a major player in the Lower East Side nightlife scene. Levine’s spots have a sizable celebrity following.” 

“The success of [Levine’s restaurants] videos can be a lesson to other small businesses.” 

“In a city where few restaurants succeed and even free become instant arbiters of cool, Levine is doing a stellar job at both.”  

“Though he is only in his early 30’s, Matt Levine had already made quite a name for himself.  In that time, Levine went from working in nightclubs and bars through high school and college to starting his own clothing line to opening a number of successful restaurants and nightclubs around New York City.”  

“A-List restauranteur”   

“His lounges and restaurants have been featured everywhere, from InSyle to W Magazine to People.  His branding know-how was named ‘Best Display of Marketing Genius” by The Village Voice.  Matt Levine is one of those guys-cool, hop and seemingly born with a gift for creating and launching the next big thing.”   

“Matt Levine is one of New York's leading entrepenuers, developing a unique brand through social media and neighborhood particpation. Levine is known as one of the forerunners of New York City progression…leading some of the most popular restaurants in Manhattan to success over the last decade while having a notable presence on social media, developing a strong brand a loyal following with his conceptions of neighborhood hotspots, Levine’s restaurants are highly creative and cater to a high end clientele. 

“Matt’s one of those guys that has a creative bubble bursting at the seams." - That DJ Life