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Green Business Bureau Member

GBB membership offers the most recognized and trusted online green business certification program available for small and medium-sized businesses seeking market recognition for their commitment to sustainable business practices.

Green Business Bureau’s globally recognized and unique self-paced certification process credits member businesses for green efforts already completed, while empowering further improvement through step-by-step guides for implementing green best practices.

The Green Business Bureau program is based on the concept that good business and green business go hand-in-hand. All initiatives are money saving and deliver significant return on investment that empower member companies to grow stronger and healthier every day.

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Green America Member

Green America is a national, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, membership organization founded in 1982. We went by the name "Co-op America" until January 1, 2009.

Green America harnesses economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

We work for a world where all people have enough, where all communities are healthy and safe, and where the abundance of the Earth is preserved for all the generations to come.

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American Association of Nutritional Consultants Member

If Nutritional and Dietary Consultants are ever to achieve the professional recognition they so justly deserve, they must consolidate their numbers through a strong, professional, organized association.

The American Association of Nutritional Consultants is your professional association combating public ignorance and adverse legislation. The A.A.N.C. is working tirelessly to enhance the prestige and professional status of all its members.

The A.A.N.C. was founded in 1985 to assist nutritional professionals in achieving more recognition through board certification. The A.A.N.C. is dedicated to preserving the right of unlicensed nutritional professionals to provide nutritional education to individuals to improve their overall health and wellbeing. We also seek to avoid legislation that would limit the number of health professionals, or hinder the education of consumers in the vast array of choices available for their healthcare. 

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National Wellness Institute Member

Founded in 1977, the National Wellness Institute, Inc. (NWI) was formed to realize the mission of providing health promotion and wellness professionals unparalleled resources and services that fuel professional and personal growth.

This mission continues to drive the National Wellness Institute and forms the basis for the annual National Wellness Conference, the most highly acclaimed professional conference in health and wellness.

The mission of the National Wellness Institute is to enrich professionals' lives and careers with competencies and connections to promote inclusive, whole-person wellness.

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Wellness Council of America Member

WELCOA (the Wellness Council of America) is one of the nation's most-respected resources for building high-performing, healthy workplaces.  With a 30 year history and more than 5,000 corporate members, WELCOA has an impeccable reputation for helping business and health professionals improve employee well-being and create healthier organization cultures.

As one of the nation's premier resources for workplace wellness, our mission is to serve business leaders, workplace wellness practitioners, public health professionals and consultants. 

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PETA Business Friends Member

PETA Business Friends is an innovative partnership for compassionate companies willing to assist in PETA’s groundbreaking work to stop animal abuse and suffering.

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Plant Based Foods Association Member

Plant Based Foods Association is the only organization taking a public health approach to getting people to eat more plant-based foods. Public health research shows that the key to better eating is “changing the food environment”, which means not just educating people about what they should eat but also ensuring that great-tasting plant-based foods are widely available, convenient, and affordable.

PBFA aims to:

  • Engage in education, public relations, and media outreach to increase visibility for plant-based foods and boost consumer acceptance;
  • Eliminate policies and practices that place plant-based meats, milks, eggs, and butters at an economic disadvantage, such as labeling restrictions;
  • Change the debate on important public policy issues such as the dietary guidelines.

Matcha Mama Tulum Founder

Founder and Co-Owner of Matcha Mama Tulum and Matcha Mama Pueblo. 

Acai bowls, elixirs, fresh pressed juices, kombucha, vegan 'nice' cream, smoothies, and of course...matcha, all plant based. 

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DEED Advisor & Investor

DEED is a community engagement platform that connects users with meaningful volunteering opportunities to make an immediate impact locally.

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